No Photoshop Necessary: A Quick Guide to 3D Text Stylin’

As I’m sure you’re already aware, CSS3 is really pretty wonderful. Along with transitions, which can create animations in a tiny fraction of the old code and time, one of the best features is text-shadow.

Some great reasons to use the text-shadow property:

  • Allows us to make pretty headings, hover states and calls-to-action in moments
  • Drastically reduces monotonous work doing Photoshop layer blending, saving for web, uploading, HTML tag editing and cache clearing
  • Best of all, it lets us keep the text dynamic! This is great for those of us who pass on a project to a less technically inclined colleague or client. I know you’d rather it didn’t get passed back to you for each of the twenty pixel-pushing revision requests, and maybe it can even go into the CMS!
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